Youth Programs


SRBCC realizes its program philosophy by developing multidisciplinary experiences, with a strong focus on the youth, that highlight the presence of African cultures in Puerto Rico and Latin America. SRBCC celebrates Afro-Puerto Rican and Afro-Latino cultural traditions through dance, music, theater, creative writing, visual arts, and culinary arts. Study after study reflects the importance of engaging students in a creative-driven learning environment, as a form of self-discovery, belonging, and healing at many different levels. SRBCC believes that excellence in arts education is directly tied to a safe, student-centered learning environment that offers a wide variety of approaches, using multiple mediums (hands-on workshops, visiting artists, field trips, open discussion, film, etc). The more we create meaningful opportunities to create varied memorable experiences for students, the more progress we will make in our pursuit of excellence.

Our educational programming for the 2022 Spring Season opens with a wonderful selection of classes and workshops. We added a new Digital Photography Class (8 weeks long) to our Interdisciplinary Media Program as well a few workshops including: Cultural Entrepreneurship (4 weeks), Creative Writing Remix (4 weeks) and Circus Lab (4 weeks)

This SPRING SEASON students at  SRBCC will enjoy:

  • Full access to Youth creative co-working space with Interdisciplinary Media Center, Dance space, and Music lab.
  • 8-week and 4-week exciting courses and culminating showcase.
  • Small classes catered to honor individualized learning and creative thinking and also

A ‘Creativity Fund’ Stipend | We would like to honor and support your learning with a small stipend for your commitment to our programs. We hope this “Creativity Fund” serves as seed, soil, and water for your endless creativity and future.

Apprentice Program (ages 14-18) approximate $385 per course
Studio Arts Program (Ages 18-24) approximate $400 per course
Internship Program (Ages 18-24) approximate $1000 per course (In addition, please email your resume + cover letter to


Afro-Caribbean Jazz Youth Program at SRBCC

Afro Caribbean Jazz Ensemble | After School Matters (ASM)

The Afro-Caribbean Jazz Ensemble program provides the opportunity to expand on the fundamentals of Jazz and its intersection with Afro-Latin traditions of the Caribbean. This Fall season a strong focus on vocal technique and vocal performance will complement this 8 week-long course hosted at SRBCC. 

Advance Apprentice (14-18 yrs old)

MON & WED | At SRBCC | 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Instructor: Adrian Ruiz

Co-Instructor(s): Stacy Erenberg (Voice) Michael Rodriguez (Percussion Studies) 

La Escuelita Bombera de Corazón

Bomba Youth Program | La Escuelita Bombera de Corazón (BDC)

Bomba is the oldest musical genre of Puerto Rico and one of the greatest expressions of the Island’s African ancestry. Through this program, we will explore Bomba as an artistic language, 

and historically, as a movement of resistance. During the 8 weeks, apprentices are welcomed to explore storytelling through bomba singing and history, develop and practice percussion and rhythmic skills, and explore dance movements and piquetes from different parts of the Island as they are passed down multiple generations.

Multilevel Apprentice (14-18 yrs old)

Multilevel Studio (19-24 yrs old) 

WED | At SRBCC | 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Instructors: Ivelisse Díaz, Teo López

Caribbean Cooking Class

CARIBBEAN COOKING | Urban Pilón en Casa

In this class, participants will be surrounded by historical and cultural information to gather a sense of pride in our culinary world. We will explore the beauty, colorfulness, and delicious flavors of the Caribbean with a hands-on experience with a focus on Afro-Indigenous traditions. This is an 8-week course that will provide recipes and the tools so students can become better cooks and at the same time learn the nutritional value of ingredients on a budget. 

Multilevel Apprentice (14-18 yrs old) Multilevel Studio (19-24 yrs old) 

THURS | Virtual | 5:00 pm to 7:00pm 

Instructor: Chef Roberto Pérez-Pérez, Urban Pilón

FILM LAB | Storytelling

From documenting our everyday lives, and sharing artistic content with multiple audiences, the FILM LAB at the Interdisciplinary Media Program takes a look at the history and practices of film and documentary art. Through the Film Lab participants will be encouraged to explore the tools, techniques, equipment and processes used to produce media work from start to finish. 

Multilevel Apprentice (14-18 yrs old) Multilevel Studio (19-24 yrs old) 

TUES | At SRBCC | 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm 

Instructor: Diana Quiñones-Rivera

Music Production


Develop your creativity as a Music Producer. Learn the art and technology of music production to create musical compositions rooted in Afro-Latin Music and history. This studio-based course is designed to immerse students in the process of creating music from scratch using music software such as studio One, Fruity Loops, and others. Participants will be able to take advantage of the tools and adapt them to a musical environment, learn to create a session, import tracks, record a virtual instrument combined with a real instrument or voice, principles of equalization and mixing as well as exporting their own finished project. 

Multilevel Apprentice (14-18 yrs old) Multilevel Studio (19-24 yrs old) 

SAT | At SRBCC | 10:00 am to 1:00 pm 

Instructor: Yendrys Céspedes | Co-Instructor: Michael Rodriguez


Lighting in photography is much more than brightness and darkness in an image, lightning is essential in the creation of tone, mood, and atmosphere in many forms of visual language. The Digital Photography Lab is a mixed-level photography course designed to explore multiple visual communication strategies that center light as an art medium. During the eight-week studio-based course participants will work with different tools and equipment that will enhance their capacity to learn and practice how to control and manipulate light, composition, and visual effects. 

Multilevel Apprentice (14-18 yrs old) Multilevel Studio (19-24 yrs old) 

SAT | At SRBCC | 10:00 am to 1:00 pm 

Instructor: Herminio Rodriguez (Artist in Residency)