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Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center announced a series of initiatives benefiting Puerto Rican artists affected by Hurricanes Irma and María. We raised $20,000 at our Annual Gala with Teatro Breve and Latin Grammy Nominee Juan Pablo Díaz to create the Chicago Hurricane Aid for Puerto Rican Arts.

Beneficiary institutions and individual artists:
  1. Luis Rodríguez Sánchez – $1600 for the mastering of the album “Amor es” (Humacao, Puerto Rico).
  2. Teatro Shorty Castro / Teatro Breve – $2,000 for repairs of leaks and mold caused by the storm (Santurce, Puerto Rico)
  3. Instituto de Subcultura / Santurce es Ley – $5,000 to support the first energy-independent solar art gallery in Puerto Rico.
  4. Compañía de Teatro Y No Había Luz – $8,000 for two presentations in Barrio Mariana, (Humacao) and Barrio Bartolo (Castañer de Lares, Puerto Rico) and to support the Chicago debut of their exhibit “El Circo de la Ausencia”.
  5. Compañía de Teatro Agua Sol y Sereno – $3,000 for two presentations in underserved communities in Toa Alta and Juncos.
  6. Tito Matos y la Máquina Insular – $6,500 to present La Máquina Insular at Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center in Chicago.
  7. ÌFÉ – $4,000 to present ÌFÉ at Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center and LatiNext, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
  8. Juan Pablo Díaz – $3,500 to present Latin Grammy Nominee Juan Pablo Díaz at Segundo Ruiz Belvis, Summer Dance and World Arts in Chicago and Evanston, IL
  9. Son Veteranos – $2000 to support the fist ever Son Veteranos Chicago Summer Tour, a celebration of Puerto Rican War Veterans using salsa as musical therapy.
  10. Nuyorican Básquet – 3,500 to support travel and production costs related to the Chicago premier of Nuyorican Básquet at the Chicago Latino Film Festival
  11. 2,500 to support Jesmary Ocasio, Comerío-born cuatro musician at Conservatorio de Música.

Total Investment: $41,600

In addition, SRBCC received the 2018 Strengthening Artistic and Cultural Diversity Grant of the Chicago Community Trust for a series entitled “Borinken Me Llama”, an exploration of the present and future of Puerto Rican arts in the wake of one of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of the Caribbean. Confirmed artists include Alexis Bousquet (Santurce es Ley), IFE, Juan Pablo Díaz, Y No Había Luz, and Tito Matos y La Máquina Insular (Viento de Agua, La Junta).