Hurricane Fiona

Disaster Relief

Hurricane Fiona Update:

Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center is following closely the devastation caused by Hurricane Fiona, and the organizations that are working on the ground to provide much-needed support to those whose livelihoods are most impacted by this powerful natural disaster. One of the lessons that Hurricane María taught us, is that while we have excellent US-based initiatives with the right motivation and intentions, there is nothing quite like empowering the Island through the quickest and most direct forms of support. We also recognize the need to organize the Puerto Rican diaspora in creating a long-term resilience fund for Puerto Rico.

This being said, after thoughtful research, we recommend the following organizations to receive your donations in Puerto Rico. This is not a definitive list. Please feel free to recommend organizations by sending an email to We will research each organization with our extended network of artists and friends active in relief and reconstruction efforts in Puerto Rico.

Local Non-Profit Organizations Working on Recovery and Sustainability Efforts in Puerto Rico

Brigada Solidaria del Oeste:

Five years after Hurricane María, Brigada Solidaria del Oeste has responded with coordinated support as a result of the 2020 earthquakes in the south and west of Puerto Rico, and they continue to work to promote the development of communities through mutual aid, art and activism.

Casa Pueblo (Adjuntas): 

Casa Pueblo is a community empowerment project that is committed to appreciating and protecting natural, cultural and human resources in Puerto Rico. It was born in 1980 when the government of Puerto Rico wanted to initiate a mining operation in 17 deposits of silver, gold and copper. Mining would have caused an ecological and social catastrophe in the municipalities of Adjuntas, Utuado, Lares and Jayuya.

Casa Pueblo is currently the best example of community organizing and advocacy to empower Puerto Ricans with sustainable solar-based energy.

Comedores Sociales (Caguas):

Created in 2013, Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico is a nonprofit organization that seeks to eradicate hunger in Puerto Rico through strategies of collective work and socialization of resources in favor of the majority of its people.

María Fund (Puerto Rico/San Francisco):

Supporting the strengthening of a powerful and aligned ecosystem of social justice leaders, organizations and initiatives that are building community power in Puerto Rico.

The María Fund is housed at Tides, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Funds are disbursed to organizations and initiatives that are driving critical work on the frontlines to meet immediate relief needs and organizing for the building of an equitable Puerto Rico.


Respiro en Red (San Juan):

Respiro en Red believes that creating a holistic, integrated and individualized plan of care for each diagnosed person is at the core of an effective approach to cancer, chronic and degenerative conditions. 

Respiro en Red serves persons living in Puerto Rico with cancer and their caregivers, providing material, social, and emotional support. These services are crucial in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona.

Taller Comunidad la Goyco (Santurce):

Taller Comunidad La Goyco, Inc. was born from community organizing, anchored in the diversity that characterizes our environment and committed to the sense of solidarity that represents the highest ideals of coexistence. Aware of the plurality of needs in the sector, we are dedicated to creating programs, initiatives and opportunities that highlight the historical, social and potential wealth of the Machuchal community and the Loíza street sector in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Taller Salud (Loíza): 

Community-based feminist organization dedicated to improving women’s access to healthcare, reducing violence in community settings, and fostering economic development through education and activism. Founded in 1979, Taller Salud is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.


Techos Pa’ Mi Gente (Trujillo Alto):

Techos Pa’ Mi Gente (TPMG Corp.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the construction of decent roofs and the rehabilitation of homes in communities affected by natural disasters. It contributes to improving the quality of life of the individuals that make up these communities. Promotes self-management and provides training in basic construction skills to build resilience.