Plena Project

About Plena

Plena is traditional Afro-Puerto Rican music born in the late part of the 19th century in the town of Ponce, located in the southern part of the island. This popular music genre has been used both as a way of celebration, and as a tool to protest against the local and federal government for critical issues affecting one of the world’s oldest colonies.

Los Pleneros de Don Segundo, an original plena project of the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center

Born at Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center (SRBCC), Los Pleneros de Don Segundo have been playing original plena in Chicago since 2016. After the release of the singles “Llegaron los Reyes” and “Alegría en la Navidad” and multiple recording sessions, the group is expected to release a full album in the summer of 2023. Los Pleneros de Don Segundo have evolved to be one of Chicago’s most sought-after plena groups due its unwavering commitment to the advancement of the genre with original compositions and arrangements.

Add these Chicago-made original plenas by Los Pleneros de Don Segundo to your New Year’s Playlist!
Produced and Recorded by SRBCC 
Llegaron Los Reyes (Remastered with Cuatro)
Alegría en la Navidad 
Available on Spotify, Itunes and All Streaming Platforms


Members: Chris Suárez (lead singer/composer/güiro), Quincy Raggs (requinto), José Natal (seguidor) and Michael Rodríguez (punteador).

To hire Los Pleneros de Don Segundo and contribute to the development of original plena in Chicago, contact us at [email protected] (anytime) or call us at 773-698-6004 (weekdays 10 am to 6:30 pm).