La Residencia de SRBCC – “La Resi”

Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center owns two residential apartments turned into an artist residence since 2021. These fully-equipped units offer countless possibilities for touring artists and local artists partnering with visiting creatives from various disciplines.

Some of the artists that have stayed with us include Mancha E’ Plátano (Barcelona), Agua Sol y Sereno (Puerto Rico), Herminio Rodríguez (Puerto Rico), Tata Cepeda and Gracimá (Puerto Rico), La Máquina Insular (Puerto Rico), {Tres} (Twin Cities), Fabiola Méndez, Jonathan Suazo (Boston), Paoli Mejías (Seattle), El Laberinto del Coco (Puerto Rico), Emplegoste (Puerto Rico), Bomba Evolución de Víctor Emmanuelli (Puerto Rico), and Orquesta el Macabeo (Puerto Rico).

Upcoming Shows: